Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TTM: Ted Lindsay

Sent: 12/?/11 sometime in December
Returned: 2/29/12
Wow this is a pretty huge return that I have been awhile for.

Lindsay is one of the Best Red Wings Legends next to Gordie Howe. I see that he did play for the Chicago Blackhawks for 2 seasons at the end of his career before finally finishing with 2 seasons in Detroit.

In 2010 the NHL renamed the Lester B Pearson award (which is given to the most outstanding player during the regular season.) to the Ted Lindsay award which is a nice honor. So far only Alex Ovechkin (2010) and Daniel Sedin (2011) have won since the name changed.It is very comparble to the Art Ross MVP Trophy as players usually win both at the same time. Players have even had a Hart-Pearson-Art Ross sweep(Lafleur, Gretzky, Lemieux, Jagr, St. Louis, Crosby, and Ovechkin. Ovechkin also added the Rocket Richard Trophy for top scorer in the same year, completing what is to date the only Hart-Pearson-Art Ross-Richard sweep. Although it's worth noting that, had the Richard Trophy existed during the years they completed their Hart-Pearson-Art Ross sweeps, Lafleur would have achieved the four award sweep once (1977–78), Lemieux twice (1987–88 and 1995–96) and Gretzky five times (1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84, 1984–85 and 1986–87).

The Greats of the game cards always look good with autographs and the Fleer Throwbacks card with Lindsay kissing the Cup is really cool and had to be signed. I donated 5 dollars to The Ted Lindsay foundation for Autism in the mail and he sent a signed pamphlet with more info on it. He also added a nice touch with inscribing his Hall of Fame year on the cards and Pamphlet.

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