Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Autographs Collectors: Keeping post offices open

In this new day and age of technology are people are emailing each other online or communicating by Facebook and other Social Networks. People aren't communicating by mail anymore mostly because it takes longer to get a response than what the speed of the internet does and it costs money to send out mail with stamps that always seem to raise in price just like gas these days.

But for autograph collectors sending cards and photos in the mail is a lot cheaper than paying for autographs unless you can catch some of the athletes either before or after games and practices. I even get a kick out of going to the mail in the morning hoping for an envelope with my name on it with a signed card inside. Since a lot of today's mail seems to be junk for company's to advertise and maybe some readable magazines like Sports Illustrated

I'll be fine as lone as I don't get Newman for a mailman

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