Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IP: Murray Bannerman

Drafted by Vancouver Canucks round 4 #58 overall 1977 NHL Amateur Draft

BAAAAAAANNNERMANN, as Pat Foley would say was more famous for the original artwork on his mask but most of his Blackhawks career was behind the great Tony Esposito before he has a short stint of starting.

I got this signed during the intermission of Sunday's Blackhawks Predators game where it was Ed Belfour Heritage Night. Bannerman has a nice auto if the ink didn't give out in the beginning and to make the night perfect getting Befour's auto would be sick and it would help if the Hawks won or came close to tie or lose by 1 not Lose by a score of 6-1.

But this is for you classy Hawks fans that need to her Pat Foley a few more times.

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