Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TTM: Leland Irving

Sent:3/14/12 (To Abbotsford Heat)

Drafted by Calgary Flames #26 overall 2006 NHL Entry Draft

Irving has been backing up Miikka Kiprusoff this year when Henrik Karlsson went down with an ACL tear. But being a 26 overall pick I would think that he would have been up in the NHL by now as some would consider him a bust.

This bring the 2007-08 Between the pipes set to 32/60

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  1. it's not that he's a bust... the Flames have a history of doing this. They draft a young, very talented goalie. They think he's too good to ride the pine as a backup, so they leave him in Abbotsford and sign some schmo to back up Kipper. Then before you know it, the young goalie isn't so young anymore and he misses his window.
    This is the third case of this happening. Hopefully Leland stays up next year and they let Karlsson go as a free agent.