Monday, August 20, 2012

2001 Be A Player Signature Series

These autographed cards come from Be A Player's 2001 Signature Series and have been so far pretty cheap to collect as I got most of them for a $1 and the Luongo for $5. It is a nice set because the signatures are on the card (you can see that in John Grahme's and Luongo's card they went of the area) but it means the players saw and actually touched the card rather than signing a sticker. In the set there are 250 cards total and I will probably not complete this set but will buy more cards for it if I can get them cheaply.

My favorite so far in the set is the Luongo as it has a full name signature compared to the current scribble of is signature. I did find the Mike Fischer for a steal price of $1 at the Chicago Blackhawks Convention

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