Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IP: Brandon Bollig

I was able to get this signed by Mr. Bollig at the Chicago Blackhawks convention. People say he had a big line and he did but he was the first person that I went to get a band for when I arrived Saturday morning and there was a 5 minute line but then I got a wrist band within easily the first hundred people. I was happy to get this as it is the first signed card and this past years Ice Hogs set and Bollig is looking to be one of the Blackhawks tough enforcers to fill the spot that John Scott had until he left. The only flaw is that he signed the card with his current #52 on the Blackhawks instead of his IceHogs #18. So it looks weird to me but otherwise it is a nice solid signature. Interesting fact, #52 was Dustin Byfuglien's rookie number with the Hawks before he switched to #33.

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