Friday, September 28, 2012

Set Review: 2012-13 Score

I thought since I am not doing any ttm's so I will post Reviews of products I open both current and past rips.

So let's start with this years 2012-13 Score made by Panini and from my opinion I like it a lot better the this years O-Pee-Chee because of the images and the new shiny feel of it. It was for a low price of $9.99

Lets start with the Base which is pretty nice and clean.

First I got the base set which included most of the cards besides the Shaw and Bickell I had to pull out of the box and I still have to chase the Emery and Kruger with a few subsets.


I have about 12 Rookies so far with 2 Bollig's so I would put one for trade if anyone wanted one even though they are in the team set.

Just a totally nice design with a sweet look in the fire of the Hot part. Way better than the Marquee Rookies in O-Pee-Chee.

First Goal: An interesting Idea to record info and have a picture when last years rookies scored their 1st goals.

I have two cards currently in my possession and would be willing to trade while I won a auction on eBay for the Shaw and Kruger for $0.99 for the loth plus $2.00 Shipping which is a good deal.

Net Cam: Net Cam is a Subset I like because it uses the camera behind the net and I will be chasing the Corey Crawford for this set. I love Goalie on sets.

The Franchise: I think these guys are all around very cool design and with the logo standing out it's a cool idea. I might just chase for the Toews or all the other 29 cards.
The Franchise Original 6: It's an ok idea but they are a retail eclusive falling 3 per box but I only got one, but luckily it was the Golden Jet good ole #9 Bobby Hull so now I have 2 of him from another pack.

Team Score: These cards are dark and actully give off a really cool vibe I REALLY like these too (Though I hate the DOUCHE I pulled though)

The other one with Lundqvist look really cool than this Bozo.

Final Analysis: I give  this product a 8/10 since it's cheap low end product put it does deliver and some of these cards will look sweet signed. Leave some comments below if you have tried this product or are going to try it and give me your opinion of it.

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