Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patrick Roy the Ultimate Search

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Note:  First, my brother is the reason I started playing hockey and collecting hockey cards but Patirck Roy is the main reason to why I am a goaltender and my favorite number being # 33.
While there is not a lot to post about and being frustrated about the Gary Bettman owners war vs. the Players. I thought I post some stuff about my different collections.  I have all ways been a Huge Patrick Roy fan and had a small collection until last summer after seeing MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION's Linden Collection and Card Boarded's  Jimmy Howard collection, I decided to up my Patrick Roy collection from 5 pages to around 20 pages from and ebay purchase of 100 cards for $20.00 which was a steal for me. Since then I have been going for the 0.99 cent cards and recently found a bunch of cards from a seller that priced them between 0.49-0.69 with 0.80 cent shipping so I find that a good deal on cleaning up on base/inserts/parallels. The only unfortunate part is that being a amazing goaltender that he was also being in the hall of fame he usually comes with a heavy price tag for Game used/Autograph cards. With a collection of at least 250 cards and company's like Upper Deck torturing me with 3 cards in O-Pee-Chee and at least a base card in "The Cup"well the collection is never ending with out of price range cards coming from "Dominion" and "The Cup".

At the end of my life as to mean when I am way older I would sell most of my cards and only plan to keep my Personal collection of all my Roy, Toews, Chicago Blackawks, and Autograph cards. So I can afford these auto jersey combos and the ever so sweet NHL Shield cards.\

But I also want to know who else has a massive collection devoted to one single player or team (I'll post my huge Hawks collection this weekend) so comment below if you have a big collection of your favorite player

And look for the rest of the week to post more of my Collection.

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