Saturday, October 20, 2012

Binders full of Wo....

men. No, Just joking.  If any bloggers on here watched the presidential debate like the other 65 Million Americans then you would have heard of the Mitt Romney making a joke about female resumes in Binders so that got me thinking to make this little post because of all the binders that are in my room. No, they are not full of women but full of cards. 29 binders for all the NHL Teams, a 5 inch Binder for my Chicago Blackhawks team set, a Blackhawks player binder, Patrick Roy Binder, Jonathan Toews Binder, Martin Brodeur binder, Chicago Cubs Binder, Green bay Packers/ Wisconsin football binder, 2 goalie binders, a binder for my autograph sets, 2 autographed photo binders, and last but a Hockey rookie binder with rookies from various Victory and Young Gun sets. Making a total of around 41 Binders.

So that's what's up with my collection size which is a decent but right size to too much and it's all organized one way or the other. Do other bloggers on here have bigger or smaller collections since I really didn't start collecting and opening packs until 1999 around 1st grade time. (My title says since 1992 but that's when I was born. Though at 20 years old I am still young compared to most collectors on here.)

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