Thursday, October 25, 2012

TTM: Carter Hutton

Sent: 10/18/12
Recieved:  10/25/12
(Dates recored on Excel Spreadsheet)

SO today was a good mail day as I recied 2 letter in the Mail from Rockford the firts being Carter Hutton and the second being one that you have to wait for tomorrow that has a bright future with the Blackhawks. But you could say Carter Hutton is still a prospect too as he has yet to play and actually NHL since he has only been on the Bench for the San Jose Sharks and Chicago Blackhawks. Though he has gave it all to get in a first NHL Game which is why I think he has yet to get an official Rookie card besides a Panini All Goalies card. I am a full Believer in him and he definitely deserves his chance.

Sets this helps
2011-12 Rockford Team set 2/60
2010-11 ITG BTP 1/100

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