Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteren's Day: Card and Masks tributes

With this holiday being a post office holiday too there will be no mail or cards for today so I wanted to show off some cool cards representing and saluting the Military.

First to show off is from my favorite player good ole Johnny Toews repping a cool Military digital camo warm up jersey. They have worn them every year for warmups right around now (being veteran's day) and then auctions them off for Vet's. They sell normal jersey's in the UC and online but those just have white logos instead of this colored logo.  (If you have the rink collection version let me know. I have this normal base version (1st card) Need the shiny foil version (2nd card) it's a scan of ebay.

The second Cards comes from Toews UND teamate and St. Louis Blue T.J. Oshie. Stretching out in a Blues military sweater. Which is a bit darker then the Blackhawks version. But still works well even though it would be cool to see these in a actual game and make gloves, pants, and socks with the same design. 

Now on to some tribute Masks 
First to start of would be Jason LaBarbra's Military mask. The overall digital camo paint detail is pretty sweet but the addition of former soldier and Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman is touching as a tribute to him and really special.

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