Monday, November 5, 2012

TTM: Eddie Lack

Sent: 10/18/12

Received: 11/5/12

Signed as a Free Agent by the Vancouver Canucks

A semi quick return from the "Lackness Monster" in under a month. This future star has proven that he will be a good backup in Vancouver to Cory Schneider once Roberto Luongo is Let goand most likely sent to Florida. Until then he is the main man in Chicago with the Wolves filling the pipes with his 6'5 frame. He also gets my vote for the sweetest pair of pads sticking to putting the main logo on his Brian's, Just take a look for yourself.


  1. you seem to succeed where I fail - sent to Lack last year with no luck, much like your Jeff Frazee return, still waitin on that one too...

    1. This is a good trade off since I tried Matt Climie last season and I was sent photos instead of my cards but I am very happy with Lack and the surprise of Jeff Frazee was actually shocking to see, thinking I wouldn't see it again.