Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cards

All of these cards were picked up at the "Major League Authentic's Convention" in early December and then given to me for Christmas

The first card picked up was this sweet 2012-13 Panini Certified Masked Marvels Tim Thomas.  Maksed Marvels is a insert set that Panini has put in their Certified product for the last 3 years and has had different variation parallels like blue, red, auto, and jersey.  With the past years sets the cards have been mostly an ice design with 2 pictures of the goalie and a little foil. But with this years cards the photo is up close to get full mask detail and the whole card is foil. This card is so sweet that I have decided to start collecting this set which has a total 20 cards.

Same team, Same product. This is another goalie subset form 2012-13 Certified but this is a more confusing set to me. I like pull out tap, as long as the goalie stays in, but first I thought you could add any goalie to the card and the base would be normal and generic so that any goalie would fit but now I don't see the point to these cards. But I bought this because I am A BIG SUCKER FOR GOALIE CARDS.  I probably won't be collecting this set but I would by a Patrick Roy version for my PC or a Jersey card version of this would be cool.

Another Goalie specific card but this one has a complaint from me with it. Normally a box of cards would come with a normal amount of player and goalie cards, But no Not Artifacts they have to be special. I bought a Artifact box earlier this year and pulled 2 goalies which sucked since I enjoy collecting goalies, I also Busted a lot of Target packs and pulled NO GOALIES at all. So this was a dumb move by Upper Deck.

Another goalie but that isn't the reason I got this card. I have always LOVED the feel and look Ice cards with the clear transparency. Loved the sets in the early 2000's and now I am a little upset that they have cut it down to a rookie set in black diamond and one year Ice had no transparency. Though this is a solid rookie card for the Vancouver Canucks main goaltender. (Luongo's done in Vancouver)

And another Goalie card. But this is for the PC of my favorite all-time player and Legendary goaltender Patrick Roy. The card is cool and the save is cool but I don't like how his mask covers his face.

Now a cool goalie specific card. At first I thought this was a jersey card and lost interest but once I looked closer I saw a piece of goalie pad. Game worn jersey and game used stick cards are popular and common. But GOALIE PADS, I know for a fact that you CAN'T find a goalie pad card in The Cup or Dominion. At best the last pads were found in 2011/12 SP Game Used which had huge pieces pads on them and the cards were numbered out of 10 so that made them rare and expensive. The color of the swatch just matches the card perfectly too.

Now on to the other cool cards. This sweet Alex Ovechkin comes from Panini's Elite and it is actually a really cool card in person as the scan does not show the gold border and text foil. The player himself though makes it a cool card being a superstar such as Alex Ovechkin.

Even though I liked these three card I did not and still do not understand the reasoning behind them. So supposedly Panini gives out cards on Holiday's like Black Friday and Fathers day that are set of different sports to which I saw the whole set form the father's day collection but my interest only stuck with my favorite sport of hockey. No compliant on the players or photography Seguin and Lundqvist are both Really good player while Mario is in the top 3 of All Time with Gretzky and Gordie Howe.

This comes Panini's 2012 Black Friday Holiday set. The shiny foil and colors of the penguins on the card work well plus it is another top NHL superstar MVP. After Concussion Crosby went down last year Geno stood up and took over the team and most the league last season. Yeah Steven Stamkos hit 60 goals but Malkin was the real MVP with 59 assistants and 109 points.

The last 2 HOCKEY cards pulled were of 2 shining Young Guns from 2011-12. The first being Colorado Avalanche captain and 2012 Calder Trophy winner Gabriel Landeskog. The second being current Blackhawk/ IceHog winger Marcus Kruger who definetly has a future in Chicago and had a nice season last year. This is actually my biggest young gun set that has ... in it including Landeskog, Hopkins, and Adam Henrique (All 3 Calder finalists) so most most of the hard one are out of the way

These next cards will look weird since they are indeed not hockey but football. So my second favorite sports, which use to be baseball, is football and it has been a sport I have had little following to until this year when it became my main sport to replace the NHL Lockout. The teams I follow are the Green bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers (My Dad's alma mater and season ticket holder). So reasons for this card are the picture, being a rookie of a good player, and being a former badger I use to watch.

Yes another former Badger who is having a Hell of a year in the NFL as one of the League's rising Quarterback's along with RG3 and Andrew Luck. The only negative to Wilson is that he had a infamous play against the Green Bay Packers in the last second of the game where the Sea hawks were trailing Green Bay by.. so Wilson threw up the Hail Mary which was "supposedly" caught by Seattle Wide Receiver Golden Tate, when in reality a Packer caught it first, but it was called a touchdown instead of an interception but this is when the NFL was using their BS Footlocker Replacement Referees.  Still Love this card since Wilson is so far arguably Wisconsin's best Quarterback of all-time even though he only played 1 year as a badger after 3 years at NC State.

And the FINAL card which was in fact a HUGE Pull for me. To me this is priceless and will never take offers for it. Being the Packers fan that I am, I love Jennings surprisingly more than Aaron Rodgers. I own a Greg Jennings jersey that I rep every Sunday when the good old Green and Gold take the field. He is one of the best/ funniest spokesman for Old Spice this season, and he will have a career that could take him to the Hall of Fame IF he can stay healthy for most of it.


  1. Awesome pick-ups.

    Just one thing about your ''all-time top-3'': even while he was playing, Gordie Howe was often overshadowed by Maurice Richard, who was the one to break the 50-goal barrier (in 50 games, no less). And roughly a third of hockey experts claim defenseman Bobby Orr was the very best player of all time (I disagree, mostly because everything he was given props for 'creating', such as end-to-end rushes, had already been done perfectly by Doug Harvey before him). So most people refer to a top-5 rather than 3, as each of those guys can be interchangeable, depending who's ranking them. My order is: Gretzky, Lemieux, Richard, Howe, Beliveau. And my 6 and 7 are Orr and Harvey, but I can never decide which one goes first.

    I do agree with Roy being your all-time favourite player/goalie - he was mine as well. And to those who claim Brodeur may have been better, I say this: they met in the Cup Finals once, it even went to Game 7. And Roy won. Oh, and Roy has 3 Conn Smythe trophies as playoff MVP, the most ever; not even Gretzky matches that.

    1. It's also about different era's. Gordie Howe (50's-60's), Bobby Orr (60's), Gretzky and Lemieux (80's-90's), Crosby Ovechkin Stamkos (2006-Present) different era's meant a different game since the speed and style has always changed to be faster and tougher.

      Goalie wise Broduer will have more records because he is still playing and has played long since Roy went from 1985-03 and Broduer from 1993-2013/14. He has 1 season left in him but as long as he wins or gets a shutout the record will continue. Even though Roy is my favorite the discussion goes that Patrick Roy is the better playoff goalie while Broduer is the better regular season goalie.