Tuesday, December 11, 2012

IP: Jeremy Roenick

 So tonight was a great night as I got to meet and hear some great stories from a former NHL star. I also was able to grab 3 autographs from him.
First like most people I got his book signed which is personalized to me and he added both his playing #'s which were 27 & 97.

Second autographed item is a 1992 Topps Stadium club card, which I am surprised he signed extra items.

But the last autograph has to be the best as my Blackhawks Greats photo is now complete with Toews, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, and now Jeremy Roenick.

Here is a picture for proof that I actaully met him and did not have a ghost signer nor myself sign them.


  1. That is just fantastic, man. I got to meet Bobby Hull in person at a card show back when I was 16. He was an intimidating-looking guy, but was as nice as could be, and even inscribed "The Golden Jet" on a Hawks jersey I had him sign.


  2. Where was JR signing? I wish I knew about this.

  3. Sal, He is currently on his book tour and in Chicago. But I met him at the Book Stall in Winnetka. 66 Chestnut Street, Winnetka to be exact.