Thursday, January 26, 2012

TTM: Jordan Pearce

Sent:to the Grand Rapids Griffins
Recieved: 1/26/12

This is the second return I got this morning making 6 for the past 2 weeks alone.
He singed my All Goalies card and then added a nice note which he also signed.

TTM: Ron Hextall

Sent: to the LA Kings
Returned: 1/26/12
Card 1: BTP Greats of the game, Inscribed Best Wishes
Card 2: Bought at a card store a month ago
Card 3:Fleer Throwbacks
Card 4: Panini All Goalies 2/100 complete Inscribed best of Luck
Sweet, Today was a good day with 2 TTM returns the First being from the scorer of Goalies, Ron Hextall

I am a big fan of how he always adds an inscription on the cards even though they are hard to read when he uses Black Sharpie on black parts of cards but I am happy with this return.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TTM: Trevor Cann

Sent: 1/5/12
Received: 1/25/12
Sent to the Lake Erie Monsters in Cleveland, Ohio
Drafted by Colorado Avalanche 2nd round #49 overall in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft
This was a pretty quick turn around from the Colorado Avalanche prospect. He's not having the greatest season with a record of 9-16-0 so far this year.

This card is an addition to my 2007-08 Between the Pipes Future stars set which I have about 24/59 (40%) already signed. I almost there since a lot of them are currently in the mail and I will post the whole set together when it's done.

Monday, January 23, 2012

TTM: Guy Lafleur

This was another big success from a Hall of Famer who returned my card and added 2 extra pictures

Sent: 1/7/12
Returned: 1/23/12

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TTM: Henri Richard

Entered Hall of Fame in 1979

Wow this a a huge success for the Pocket rocket Hall of famer. I was not expecting the cool photo but I did hear about people getting the Molson card. If you don't have this guy's signature I highly recommend it for what you get in return.

Henri Richard is was one of my dad's favorite players when he was growing up and this man is a legend.
In his career he won 11 Stanley Cups (2nd in history)
Scored the Cup clinching goal in game 6 of the 1966 Stanley Cup Finals just like Patrick Kane did in the 2010 Finals.

I hate to bring up Borat but this is what I think of this return

TTM: Carter Hutton

Carter Hutton looks like the Icehogs starter since the games I have seen even though he has is not signed by the Blackhawks like Alec Richards and Alexander Salak are. Plus I saw him get lit up by the Wolves on December 29. The score was 5-3 Chicago but Hutton was removed after the second period when he gave up 4 goals and Alec Richards replaced him.

This is only All Goalies card I have gotten signed so far of and the set is out of 100 minus the jersey card and inserts , Which I see that Sal's and JohnWayne's autographs have a major lead on me but I sent most of my letters out during Winter break in December so around February I should be getting more back.

I sent this card to the Rockford Icehogs

Scotty Bowman

Stan Bowman one of the greatest coaches in the game and his son is one hell of a GM to bring the back the Blackhawks resurgence.

I got this signed at the 2011 Blackhawks convention. I like the old Canadiens card that he inscribed 5 cups. The Red Wings with the cup is nice but can't really like the wings.He also beat the hawks in 1992 with the incredible duo of Super Mario Lemiuex and Jaromír Jágr with the awesome Mullet.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2006-07 Between the Pipes future stars

I bought these for a $1 for each of them and being a goalie I think these are cool especially this I am trying to get the 2007-2008 set done. I think the hit card of the set is Steve Mason since he won Rookie of the Year and he is a NHL starter, Jason Labarbera is a backup and Wade Dubielewicz only played 1 year with the Islanders and spent some time with Mason on the Blue Jackets.

IP: Marc Bergevin

Drafted in the 3rd round(59th Overall)in the 1983 NHL Entry Draft by Chicago Blackhawks

He had a long career going from 1984 to 2004 starting with the hawks and ending with the Canucks.

Marc Bergevin is currently the assistant General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks, so basically he helps out Stan Bowman is making decision to sign and trade players

I got these signed in person at the Chicago Blackhawks game on December 30th vs. the Detroit Red wings. Bergevin was sitting at the Blackhawks alumni table they have on the 100 level concourse for people to meet former players during pregame and first 2 intermissions

Nikolai Khabibulin

I was at a Blackhawks preseason game a few years ago and during the intermission the current players that weren't playing were signing autographs and Nikolai Khabibulin was one of my favorite goalies. I like that he added to Kevin and Best Wishes, it's a nice personal inscription. The only bad part is that it hasn't been in the best of care having a big bend in the middle. It's still a cool ticket and a nice autograph