Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IP: Brandon Bollig

I was able to get this signed by Mr. Bollig at the Chicago Blackhawks convention. People say he had a big line and he did but he was the first person that I went to get a band for when I arrived Saturday morning and there was a 5 minute line but then I got a wrist band within easily the first hundred people. I was happy to get this as it is the first signed card and this past years Ice Hogs set and Bollig is looking to be one of the Blackhawks tough enforcers to fill the spot that John Scott had until he left. The only flaw is that he signed the card with his current #52 on the Blackhawks instead of his IceHogs #18. So it looks weird to me but otherwise it is a nice solid signature. Interesting fact, #52 was Dustin Byfuglien's rookie number with the Hawks before he switched to #33.

Monday, August 20, 2012

2001 Be A Player Signature Series

These autographed cards come from Be A Player's 2001 Signature Series and have been so far pretty cheap to collect as I got most of them for a $1 and the Luongo for $5. It is a nice set because the signatures are on the card (you can see that in John Grahme's and Luongo's card they went of the area) but it means the players saw and actually touched the card rather than signing a sticker. In the set there are 250 cards total and I will probably not complete this set but will buy more cards for it if I can get them cheaply.

My favorite so far in the set is the Luongo as it has a full name signature compared to the current scribble of is signature. I did find the Mike Fischer for a steal price of $1 at the Chicago Blackhawks Convention

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Upper Deck Redemption

Sorry, I haven't been posting in awhile is just I was busy with summer school and besides the Blackhawks Convention not mush has happened. I will post the Convention auto's and pickups the is week. Though I have just been waiting for the Real DGF to do our group box break.

Okay time for the real post, so last year I busted a box of 2011 Goodwin Champions and Got a Jon "Bones" Jones redemption card which Upper Deck has been trying to fill but since now after complaining a bit they have come through on 2 HUGE replacement cards. But I did tell them I was a Chicago Blackhawks fan and that helped them make their picks.

The first is A Bob Probert Game Used Jersey card, Which is pretty big since he was one of my favorite tough guys around the NHL. May I say RIP to this great legend. This guy was never afraid could fight anybody.
The Second card was Amazing and I was jumping around when I received it. It's just a complete beauty.

Yeah, A dual Auto of Big Jumbo Joe Thornton and My favorite Blackhawk player and Captain Serious JONATHAN TOEWS. The Blue pen is a nice touch with most auto's but this is cool to be on card auto's and they both wear the number 19.