Friday, September 28, 2012

Set Review: 2012-13 Score

I thought since I am not doing any ttm's so I will post Reviews of products I open both current and past rips.

So let's start with this years 2012-13 Score made by Panini and from my opinion I like it a lot better the this years O-Pee-Chee because of the images and the new shiny feel of it. It was for a low price of $9.99

Lets start with the Base which is pretty nice and clean.

First I got the base set which included most of the cards besides the Shaw and Bickell I had to pull out of the box and I still have to chase the Emery and Kruger with a few subsets.


I have about 12 Rookies so far with 2 Bollig's so I would put one for trade if anyone wanted one even though they are in the team set.

Just a totally nice design with a sweet look in the fire of the Hot part. Way better than the Marquee Rookies in O-Pee-Chee.

First Goal: An interesting Idea to record info and have a picture when last years rookies scored their 1st goals.

I have two cards currently in my possession and would be willing to trade while I won a auction on eBay for the Shaw and Kruger for $0.99 for the loth plus $2.00 Shipping which is a good deal.

Net Cam: Net Cam is a Subset I like because it uses the camera behind the net and I will be chasing the Corey Crawford for this set. I love Goalie on sets.

The Franchise: I think these guys are all around very cool design and with the logo standing out it's a cool idea. I might just chase for the Toews or all the other 29 cards.
The Franchise Original 6: It's an ok idea but they are a retail eclusive falling 3 per box but I only got one, but luckily it was the Golden Jet good ole #9 Bobby Hull so now I have 2 of him from another pack.

Team Score: These cards are dark and actully give off a really cool vibe I REALLY like these too (Though I hate the DOUCHE I pulled though)

The other one with Lundqvist look really cool than this Bozo.

Final Analysis: I give  this product a 8/10 since it's cheap low end product put it does deliver and some of these cards will look sweet signed. Leave some comments below if you have tried this product or are going to try it and give me your opinion of it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patrick Roy the Ultimate Search

 To See the Whole Collection Click Here:

Note:  First, my brother is the reason I started playing hockey and collecting hockey cards but Patirck Roy is the main reason to why I am a goaltender and my favorite number being # 33.
While there is not a lot to post about and being frustrated about the Gary Bettman owners war vs. the Players. I thought I post some stuff about my different collections.  I have all ways been a Huge Patrick Roy fan and had a small collection until last summer after seeing MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION's Linden Collection and Card Boarded's  Jimmy Howard collection, I decided to up my Patrick Roy collection from 5 pages to around 20 pages from and ebay purchase of 100 cards for $20.00 which was a steal for me. Since then I have been going for the 0.99 cent cards and recently found a bunch of cards from a seller that priced them between 0.49-0.69 with 0.80 cent shipping so I find that a good deal on cleaning up on base/inserts/parallels. The only unfortunate part is that being a amazing goaltender that he was also being in the hall of fame he usually comes with a heavy price tag for Game used/Autograph cards. With a collection of at least 250 cards and company's like Upper Deck torturing me with 3 cards in O-Pee-Chee and at least a base card in "The Cup"well the collection is never ending with out of price range cards coming from "Dominion" and "The Cup".

At the end of my life as to mean when I am way older I would sell most of my cards and only plan to keep my Personal collection of all my Roy, Toews, Chicago Blackawks, and Autograph cards. So I can afford these auto jersey combos and the ever so sweet NHL Shield cards.\

But I also want to know who else has a massive collection devoted to one single player or team (I'll post my huge Hawks collection this weekend) so comment below if you have a big collection of your favorite player

And look for the rest of the week to post more of my Collection.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TTM: Harry Howell

Sent: 8/28/12

This is a ttm I was really looking forward to because Harry Howell like most old players have nice hand written signatures and not scribble scrabble like today's players. He is also a Hall of Famer and Norris Trophy winner so that's not bad either. The cool part is that I sent the Fleer Greats of the Game card and he included the picture, BTW the card is normal size I just re-sized it to make it look bigger. I love when former players send extra signatures.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Card to Finish it all

So Sal over at Puck Junk is having a contest where you can send and receive that you need to complete certain sets. I my opinion it is a really cool idea but or me personally might be challenging as I have a lot of cards missing from my Young Gun sets and with the more expensive/ higher valued players those probably won't be options that are available.

Down to the rules of the Contest: Which are ways to get points from Goals and assists
1. If you recieve a card then you will get an assist (1 point)
2. When you send a card, then you will score a goal (1 Point)
3.At the end of the contest all the points will be added up and the person with the most points will get the big KAHUNA (prize)
4. Remember Only Hockey Cards
5. Have to comment and reply on Puck Junk