Monday, December 31, 2012

2012-2013 Collection Update

With this being the last day of 2012 and my last post of 2012. I thought I would post on the cards I have collected his year and what I will be collecting in the upcoming year. The pictures posted are my favorites of each collection.

I also will be moving into an apartment this week so the TTM's will be slow this they will be sent to my parents house and will be picked up on the weekend.
2003 Upper Deck Artistic Impressions. Pulled from last pack in box at LCS
The first and main collection is my Patrick Roy PC. A whole collection for my all-time favorite player that currently sits at 280 base/parallels/Inserts and 9 Game Used cards.  It's a collection that I love but hard to build fast when his inserts are pricey and his cards show every year (The Cup, Dominion, O-Pee-Chee, Black Diamond.. etc.) and that's for a retired player. But definetly look for me to add more Roy Cards to my collection. Which can bee seen Here (Patrick Roy Collection)

SP Authentic Dual Auto. Redeemed at Upper Deck for a Jon "Bones" Jones redemption Auto
The second PC goes to my guy Captain Serious. Even though I have been a Hawks fan for awhile he still is my favorite All Time Blackhawks player. A man with Great Leadership and great play style.  A wonderful player to collect but all comes with the same problem as Roy with cards showing every year (The Cup, Dominion, O-Pee-Chee, Black Diamond.. etc.) and inserts like Jersey's and Auto's are pricey being a top player in the league.

A different type of collection but still cool. Getting base cards signed is pretty cheap with most alumni signing through the mail. This is a set I see myself completing this set sometime (without Terry Sawchuk and Tim Horton) I have Rick Martin and Gump Worlsey down with Bernie Geoffrion being in a trade. The hardest to find will be an auto from Mario Lemieux. I have 34 out of 89 already signed and will add 3 more on February 1st so this will eventually get finished and framed. Collection Here (Fleer Greats)
Auto attained at Convention in November
 Another set that I and some other bloggers are trying to get signed. I have not added much to this collection as the NHL is on Lockout and the players are inaccessible. Though with an all white border autographs are sweet on these cards plus they are all about my favorite position of goaltender. Collection total 28 out of 100 (All Goalies)   
 The next collection comes down to Upper Deck's highly looked at Rookie Collection of Young Guns. Last years collection is the biggest and the most cards I have for Young Guns but It also helps to have the top 2 cards with 1st overall pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Calder Memorial Trophy winner (Rookie of the year) and Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog. These are the 2 most pricey and high valued so this set will be eventually created plus these are a cool format for Young Guns. I have 26 cards from this set. I will be picking up cards from other years too. Young Guns can be seen here (Young Guns)
 Another Autographed set you have been seeing and will see more of in this upcoming year is Between the pipes. I have 5 years of this set and will be trying get most most of them signed. It's the Love of Goalies that's got me addicted.

The last small set I will be building will be this 2012--13 Certified Masked Marvel set. It's only a 20 card set so it is small and the cards with foil are really cool Definitely with the close ups on the goalies are sick.

Here's to another good year of collecting/buying/selling/trading and ttming.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cardboard Trade

So recently I made a trade with Paul from Card Boarded. If you look at his blog you will see the cards I sent him so here is the cards that he sent me.

 First cards of the trade, 4 new cards to add to my Jonathan Toews Collection
2 extra Toews

4 cards to add to my Chicago Blackhawks collectoion. These were a surprise to me, especially seeing the bottom Hossa is a Glossy Parallel. 

Next a silver parallel artifacts card of former Blackhawk Kris Versteeg.

3 Young Guns for a growing young gun collection.  I am not very familiar with the first 2 players but Enroth is the backup in Buffalo to Ryan Miller. So this in the future could be card of value.

And the Final card in our trade was this 2002 Atomic Jocelyn Thibault. Thibault otherwise called "TBO" was one of the best Blackhawks players during the 2000's and the blackhawks dead era, low attendance and low winning %. So I was definitely a big fan of him when I first became a Legit Hawks fan in the 1999-2000 season (I still was a Avalanche fan with Patrick Roy and their loaded team that was much more fun to watch compared to a failing Hawks team) . But about the card, I like the simple/ cool design but just wish that the swatch on the jersey was bigger. Though this is a card that I will be likely sending in the mail for Thibault to sign since that would add more value and would look cooler.

NOW, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Paul for this Trade both adding cards to our own PC's showing that one's trash (cards they don't want) and be another's treasure (Cards they want) or can be turned into cards you do want and actually care about.

This is also a simple way to connect and collect with others in the same hobby as you and can simply have fun. I am looking forward to doing more business from Paul or any other collectors. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

TTM: Emile Francis

Sent: 12/12/12

Recieved: 12/26/12

 Another post Christmas return from a Hall of Fame goaltender.

Emile Francis got his start in the NHL with the Chicago Black Hawks in 1947. From 1948 to 1952, he was the back-up goaltender for the New York Rangers. He finished out his career on a number of minor league teams in the AHL and WHL including the Vancouver Canucks.

Francis was an innovator to goalies, not for inventing the goalie mask (That's Jacques Plante) but he was the first to modiy normal hockey gloves in to goalie gloves, which are today known as blocker and catcher. In the 1943-44 season, using a first baseman's baseball glove, he changed the game and the "catcher" or "trapper" was born. Francis can also take credit for introducing the "blocker." He taped an outer layer of sponge rubber to his stick hand gauntlet. 

He also signed my letter which was Super nice of him.

 If you can't read it that well, that is OK because he has Really good cursive handwriting. So here is what he wrote

"Hi Kevin,

Thanks for writing, glad to hear you are a Black Hawks fan, and loved the Black Hawks and these…, good luck


I think I under stand most of it, but leave a comment if you can transcribe the 20th word after "and these ..."

  I am a big fan of him being a goalie innovator ,like Jacques, writing that very cool note, and playing my favorite position for my favorite franchise.

Super nice return signing 2 out of 2 from Between the pipes set. The only negative of this is that I wish "In the Game" would have found a 2nd picture of Francis instead of using he same old photo.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

TTM: Rick Middleton

Sent: 12/6/12

Received:  12/26/12

Drafted in the 1st round, 14th overall, by the Rangers in the 1973 NHL Amateur Draft.

Middleton was not a star in the league at the time when he was playing, but he did enough to get his name out there. It was a short career because of a shot that he took of his temple and started having concussions and head problems forcing him to retire after the 1988 season.  Though he was able to have a solid season during the 1981-82 season scoring a career high 51 goals, won the Lady Byng Trophy for excellence and sportsmanship, and was named to the NHL's Second All-Star Team.

Middleton signed a "Fleer Greats of the Game" card for my autographed set. This is actual a great 3D type picture as it looks like his stick is about to pop out of the card.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cards

All of these cards were picked up at the "Major League Authentic's Convention" in early December and then given to me for Christmas

The first card picked up was this sweet 2012-13 Panini Certified Masked Marvels Tim Thomas.  Maksed Marvels is a insert set that Panini has put in their Certified product for the last 3 years and has had different variation parallels like blue, red, auto, and jersey.  With the past years sets the cards have been mostly an ice design with 2 pictures of the goalie and a little foil. But with this years cards the photo is up close to get full mask detail and the whole card is foil. This card is so sweet that I have decided to start collecting this set which has a total 20 cards.

Same team, Same product. This is another goalie subset form 2012-13 Certified but this is a more confusing set to me. I like pull out tap, as long as the goalie stays in, but first I thought you could add any goalie to the card and the base would be normal and generic so that any goalie would fit but now I don't see the point to these cards. But I bought this because I am A BIG SUCKER FOR GOALIE CARDS.  I probably won't be collecting this set but I would by a Patrick Roy version for my PC or a Jersey card version of this would be cool.

Another Goalie specific card but this one has a complaint from me with it. Normally a box of cards would come with a normal amount of player and goalie cards, But no Not Artifacts they have to be special. I bought a Artifact box earlier this year and pulled 2 goalies which sucked since I enjoy collecting goalies, I also Busted a lot of Target packs and pulled NO GOALIES at all. So this was a dumb move by Upper Deck.

Another goalie but that isn't the reason I got this card. I have always LOVED the feel and look Ice cards with the clear transparency. Loved the sets in the early 2000's and now I am a little upset that they have cut it down to a rookie set in black diamond and one year Ice had no transparency. Though this is a solid rookie card for the Vancouver Canucks main goaltender. (Luongo's done in Vancouver)

And another Goalie card. But this is for the PC of my favorite all-time player and Legendary goaltender Patrick Roy. The card is cool and the save is cool but I don't like how his mask covers his face.

Now a cool goalie specific card. At first I thought this was a jersey card and lost interest but once I looked closer I saw a piece of goalie pad. Game worn jersey and game used stick cards are popular and common. But GOALIE PADS, I know for a fact that you CAN'T find a goalie pad card in The Cup or Dominion. At best the last pads were found in 2011/12 SP Game Used which had huge pieces pads on them and the cards were numbered out of 10 so that made them rare and expensive. The color of the swatch just matches the card perfectly too.

Now on to the other cool cards. This sweet Alex Ovechkin comes from Panini's Elite and it is actually a really cool card in person as the scan does not show the gold border and text foil. The player himself though makes it a cool card being a superstar such as Alex Ovechkin.

Even though I liked these three card I did not and still do not understand the reasoning behind them. So supposedly Panini gives out cards on Holiday's like Black Friday and Fathers day that are set of different sports to which I saw the whole set form the father's day collection but my interest only stuck with my favorite sport of hockey. No compliant on the players or photography Seguin and Lundqvist are both Really good player while Mario is in the top 3 of All Time with Gretzky and Gordie Howe.

This comes Panini's 2012 Black Friday Holiday set. The shiny foil and colors of the penguins on the card work well plus it is another top NHL superstar MVP. After Concussion Crosby went down last year Geno stood up and took over the team and most the league last season. Yeah Steven Stamkos hit 60 goals but Malkin was the real MVP with 59 assistants and 109 points.

The last 2 HOCKEY cards pulled were of 2 shining Young Guns from 2011-12. The first being Colorado Avalanche captain and 2012 Calder Trophy winner Gabriel Landeskog. The second being current Blackhawk/ IceHog winger Marcus Kruger who definetly has a future in Chicago and had a nice season last year. This is actually my biggest young gun set that has ... in it including Landeskog, Hopkins, and Adam Henrique (All 3 Calder finalists) so most most of the hard one are out of the way

These next cards will look weird since they are indeed not hockey but football. So my second favorite sports, which use to be baseball, is football and it has been a sport I have had little following to until this year when it became my main sport to replace the NHL Lockout. The teams I follow are the Green bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers (My Dad's alma mater and season ticket holder). So reasons for this card are the picture, being a rookie of a good player, and being a former badger I use to watch.

Yes another former Badger who is having a Hell of a year in the NFL as one of the League's rising Quarterback's along with RG3 and Andrew Luck. The only negative to Wilson is that he had a infamous play against the Green Bay Packers in the last second of the game where the Sea hawks were trailing Green Bay by.. so Wilson threw up the Hail Mary which was "supposedly" caught by Seattle Wide Receiver Golden Tate, when in reality a Packer caught it first, but it was called a touchdown instead of an interception but this is when the NFL was using their BS Footlocker Replacement Referees.  Still Love this card since Wilson is so far arguably Wisconsin's best Quarterback of all-time even though he only played 1 year as a badger after 3 years at NC State.

And the FINAL card which was in fact a HUGE Pull for me. To me this is priceless and will never take offers for it. Being the Packers fan that I am, I love Jennings surprisingly more than Aaron Rodgers. I own a Greg Jennings jersey that I rep every Sunday when the good old Green and Gold take the field. He is one of the best/ funniest spokesman for Old Spice this season, and he will have a career that could take him to the Hall of Fame IF he can stay healthy for most of it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TTM: Tomas Vokoun

Sent: 12/5/12

Received:  12/24/12

(Used Vokoun's Home address) 

Drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the ninth round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft, 226th overall

A very solid goaltender that has made his way through the NHL  and has been a solid starter for the 4 different teams that he had played for though he did go down with injury last year when Michal Neuvirth and standout Bradon Holtby shared time in Washington. Now if there was a season this year he would of most likely been a backup to Marc-Andre Fleury in Pittsburgh.

A perfect mail day on Chrismas Eve yesterday is a nice 4/4 from Tomas Vokoun that helps out 4 different sets. A Huge Thanks, again to Rob at ROB's TTM HOCKEY AUTOGRAPHS for this address.

Monday, December 24, 2012

eBay Pickup: Montreal Greats

I now have 33/89 cards from the set signed which can be seen here

I picked these up on eBay for $7.00 a piece towards my autographed Fleer Greats set. The Gump Worsley card was an auto that had to be purchased since Worsley has passed away. Mr. Beliveau on the other hand is a 50/50. I have sent a card to him but there were rumors that he quit signing after his heart attack last year and seen that it took around 400 days to see a successful return.

Jean Beliveau
 A classic NHL Legend that played 20 seasons in Montreal Canadiens and captured not just 1 not 2, not 3, not even 9 but 10 Stanley Cups. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972.

NOTE: Beliveau does not interest me as much as Worsley since Beliveau is not a goalie like me.

Gump Worsley (Info taken from Wikipedia)

Born  Lorne John Worsley in May 14, 1929 and given his famous nickname "Gump" from his friends who see a relation to him from Andy Gump, a famous character from the Gumps which was a cartoon strip that ran from February 12, 1917 until October 17, 1959.

In the fall of 1952 he was signed by the New York Rangers of the NHL, and though playing for a last place team, won the Calder Memorial Trophy as rookie of the year. However, after asking for a $500 a year increase in pay, he was promptly returned to the minor leagues for the following season. Playing for the Vancouver Canucks of the WHL, he won the league most valuable player award in 1954. He resumed position as starting goaltender for the Rangers in 1954, beating out future NHL star Johnny Bower. Wearing the traditional number 1 for goaltenders, he toiled for the oft-hapless Rangers for the next nine seasons, generally playing well for poor teams.

Some more notes from his career.

Worsley was known for his wry sense of humour and various eccentricities. Early in his career with the Rangers, when he was regularly facing 40–50 shots a night, he was asked "Which team gives you the most trouble?" His reply - "The New York Rangers." Accused by Rangers' coach Phil Watson of having a beer belly, he replied, "Just goes to show you what he knows. I only drink Johnnie Walker Red."
Worsley was also an outstanding soccer player, who began his senior career with McMasterville in the Montreal League. In the summer of 1952, while playing hockey for the Saskatoon Quakers, he played for the Saskatoon all-stars against the touring Tottenham Hotspur from England at centre forward. One year later he captained Montreal Hakoah at centre half in the Canadian Challenge Trophy final, and continued his soccer career with Montreal Vickers in 1954.
He was also vehemently opposed to wearing a mask. Worsley was the second-to-last professional hockey goaltender to play without a mask - Andy Brown of the Indianapolis Racers being the final one the following season - wearing one only in the last six games of his career. Asked about why he chose to go without, he told reporters, "My face is my mask."[2]
Worsley was also well known for his fear of flying. He suffered a nervous breakdown in the 1968–69 season after a rough flight from Montreal's Dorval Airport to Chicago on November 25[3] en route to Los Angeles, and received psychiatric treatment and missed action as a result. It is said that when he came out of retirement to play for the North Stars he was assured that, as Minnesota was in the central part of the continent, the team traveled less than any other in the league.

Friday, December 21, 2012

TTM: Jeremy Roenick

Received: December 21, 2012

A stellar return from the former Hockey superstar and newly written author. He right now might be one of my favorite former players after signing all his cards in the mail and really taking his devoted time out for the fans. 
Sorry for not posting this earlier but I had surgery on my head to remove something and now I have stitches. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

TTM: Bernie Federko

Sent:  December 14, 2012

Received: December 20, 2012

Just picked up from the mailbox as I got home from school today is this Bernie Federko signed card.

I Hall of Famer and St. Louis Blues Great that owns half the Blues records. Was also a decent Red Wings player but was looked down on because of playing 2nd line behind Steve Yzerman.

This cards adds to my Fleer Greats of the Game set and makes it 31/89

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TTM: Alec Richards

Sent: October 18, 2012

Received: December 19, 2012

Alec Richards is a young Chicago Blackhawks goaltending prospect currently sharing the pipes in Rockford with Carter Hutton. One bright young prospects too as he played at and graduated from Yale in 2009.  Though I have always loved Richards goalie gear because it's like a rainbow where he has different colors of the Indian Head feathers (from the Blackhawks Logo) on his pads and gloves

This return helped my Rockford IceHogs team set from 2012 and 2 set sof Between the Pipes.

Friday, December 14, 2012

TTM: Jimmy Hayes

Sent: 12/7/12

Received: 12/14/12

Drafted by Toronto Maple Leafs in 2008

A nice 7 day return from the Rockford IceHogs funny man.

Hayes currently with Rockford, had a nice year last year in Chicago with the Blackhawks and will most likely be returning to Chicago when the season starts up again. I did enjoy seeing him to because he is 6'6 and a big player on the roster of Small Blackhawks.

Why I called him funny is because of his twitter account. If you follow you will normal see some jokes being posted. One of his jokes on Thanksgiving was "Why did the pilgrims pants keep falling off? His buckle was on his hat!!!"

I wrote Hayes right after seeing a return from Sal's Hockey Auto's and was happy to get my return back for my 2011-12 Rockford IceHogs team set which sits at 4/26 signed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

IP: Jeremy Roenick

 So tonight was a great night as I got to meet and hear some great stories from a former NHL star. I also was able to grab 3 autographs from him.
First like most people I got his book signed which is personalized to me and he added both his playing #'s which were 27 & 97.

Second autographed item is a 1992 Topps Stadium club card, which I am surprised he signed extra items.

But the last autograph has to be the best as my Blackhawks Greats photo is now complete with Toews, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, and now Jeremy Roenick.

Here is a picture for proof that I actaully met him and did not have a ghost signer nor myself sign them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

TTM: Ed Giacomin

Sent: 11/30/12

Recieved: 12/7/12

A very big return from a legendary hall of famer, I sent Giacomin 4 cards for the unfortunate price of $40 (he charges $10 per auto) but it was nice of him to throw in the free picture. I really don't know much about Giacomin and his playing days since he is really old but by looking at  his statitics and see that he is a Hall of Famer then he must of been quite a player.

It was an expensive ttm but I am happy that it helped some of my sets especially the Fleer Greats set.