Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Bat Around: Spending $1,600 on Cards

Luckily not literally or actully but if I ever had that amount of money and had to spend it on sports cards I would spend it on. CLICK HERE for more info on this contest.

1.  PATRICK ROY & MARTIN BORDEUR UD THE CUP ENSHRINEMENTS DUAL AUTOS 3/35 ON CARD (Asking $333) A very cool dual auto of hockey's greatest goalies.

2.  Derrick Rose/ Jonathan Toews/ Alexei Ramirez Triple Auto: Rose and Toews are 2 of Chicago's best athletes with me slowly becoming a Sox Fan. (Price: $319.99) One of the Ultimate Chicago Sports fans cards.
3. 1991-92 Pro Set Patrick Roy ($450): This is just a cool card with a signature that you never see from a legend. Patrick Roy (MY main PC guy) usually signs autographs but NEVER uses his full name so this would be sick.
So far $1,102.99+399.00
4. 12-13 SP GAME USED GAME GEAR PATRICK ROY ($399.00):  Still sticking with my main PC guy this game used card is absolutely SICK. A jersey, Patch, Tag, and a piece of the fight strap, Just purley amazing.

So far total: $1,501.99

5. 2009-10 UD Trilogy JONATHAN TOEWS ($97.38):  I really enjoy Ice cards with the see through look and Toews is my 2nd favoprite all Time player. One of the Chicago Blackhawks players today.

6. 11/12 titanium game worn gear Jonathan Toews ($0.99): A sweet 3 color patch from the Blackhawks Captain Tazer.

TOTAL So Far: 1599.98

7. Ryan Miller Crease Cleaners Jersey ($0.01): A very cool 2 color jersey of a Olympic Supersar goalie.
8. Brian Hayward mask card ($0.01): I have always enjoyed the look of the shark on Haywards mask so this would be a decten card to finish off the price. I also love actally swimming Sharks.

So that is what I would spend my $1600.00 on and I would be pretty happpy with these purchases.

Here is a link for whoever wants to make their own:




  1. Have never seen that Rose/Toews/Ramirez triple auto before, but man that is the coolest card I've ever seen. I love the combination of patches on the Roy!

  2. I have the Pro Set Mask Roy full name autograph, let me know if you'd like to work out a deal. I am selling my collection and would sell it for reasonable money.