Sunday, May 26, 2013

TTM: Don Beaupre

Sent: 5/15/13

Received: 5/24/13

Sorry about the lack of posts for awhile but I was very busy with School and the lack of mail coming in really had me not posting. But I have 1 more week before my 1 week off I my post more about my collection around then.

So on to the post, Don Beaupre was a goalie who played in the NHL in the 80's and 90's mainly playing for the Minnesota North Stars and the Washington Capitals but he had small stops in ottowa and Toronto before he retired from the game.

Nowadays Beaupre runs a forklift company.

These are not perfect with the smudging but they came out well otherwise and was nice to add 3 signatures to my Between the Pipe collection.

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