Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Sports Collectors Convention: Day 1

So I just went to my first sports show and to my surprise it was very fun and overwhelming with the amount of dealers and cards available to purchase. Some even at prices so low it's amazing what deals you can get. I even got to meet the ever so popular SAL from Puck Junk and Sal's Hockey Autographs. Unless you don't know who he is, a great blogger and master of all things hockey collectibles. A Super nice guy indeed.

I will show off what I picked up in Auto's, Jersey's, Rookies, & Inserts. (Not Scanning all my cards, there are too many)

15 Patrick Roy pick ups for ROY PC. NEW One's HERE: (

Lucky Luc pick for $3.

Luc Robitaille, A Hockey Hall of Famer and 12th in all Time goals and though it's a sticker it's authentic.

A $3 Malkin Pickup, Super Cheap for a NHL Star


A nice trio of Hawks Stanley Cup Champions with Seabrook, Johnny O, & The Man-Child

Inserts (Mostly Goalies)
A Very Cool Transparent Donruss Goalie Set. 

Had the Thomas since December but this Insert set is SWEET, Glossy Foil with a close-up on the Goalies is just SICK!

4 Goalies Trophy cards from Limited. Sweet Cards, Expensive Product

Looking forward to more Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday

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