Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks: A Sixty Year History

So some of you have probably seen this book before at Sal's Puck Junk and he actually inspired me to get this book signed by the various former players in this book. I also talked to him about it too.

But first about this book and how it came into my life. I found this book at a Rummage Sale in a local town near me (I also found John Moore gloves there too) and this definitely caught my eye and I HAD to HAVE it, especially when it was only a DOLLAR, but being a old book it was not in perfect condition and had to put down $50 for fixing the front on back cover bindings which will be worth it in the long run to make it last.

I was debating and think about just keeping this book and reading it, think that autographs would ruin the value. Until reading Sal's convention recap and think in a couple years when the old alive alumni eventually pass away it will be cool to look back and see the players I have met and the Auto's will definitely help the value, even though I don't know how many copies exist. I do like the gold and fake plastic leather covering and would LOVE to see a remake of this book in a couple years with today's current players.

The main and eventually goal will be catching all the alive players while the passed away player (what can you do). But this will definitely help when I see the Blackhawks Alumni signing at the UC this year so that will help me with a couple to knock off the list.

So I took this convention to the National Collectors Convention in Rosemont where I got Ed Olcyk and Murray Bannerman.