Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stan Mikita's Play To Win's & 10,000 views

First just want to thank all the readers and visitors to this blog for 10,000 views and not even 200 posts yet is amazing. For your reward you get a Stan Mikita story.

I met Stan Mikita last weekend at Chicago Blackhawks game on October 5th during the 1st intermission and it was a pretty cool encounter. The object I had in my was a book that he wrote called "I Play To Win" which is another book that I found last spring at a local rummage sale, same place I got my other book, just for only a dollar. It was a pretty good deal for it being a good story and a great piece of memorabilia to be signed by the author himself. Now on to the rest of the story,

The Blackhawks will normally bring in a former player and they will have them sign autographs for the whoever wants one and depending on the size of the line. I got really lucky with Mr. Mikita as I left my seat with about 8:00 to go in the 1st period and quickly ran downstairs to the other side of the United Center and was the 5th person in line which was sweet because maybe 2 minutes later about 50 people were behind me. Once it was my turn to get Stan's autograph I handed him my book to sign which he had an intriguing look at, checking out the cover and other parts of the book before signing it he had asked one of his helpers what year it was published (1969) which means it has some age to it. So I think the book gave him a small flashback and shock to see that a younger fan has one of his older books. He does have a more recent published book called "Forever a Blackhawk" which was published 2 years ago and it is another good read. But here is the famous Stan Mikita Autograph.

I have a few more items like 2 cards and 2 pictures for Stan but I am happy to get this signed since books are rarer for hockey players and have more value or cards and photos especially when signed. The fact that is book is in decent shape for it's age is pretty good too.

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  1. That's a great book. It's cool you found an early edition and even cooler to get Mikita's auto. Great job. Needless to say, I'm a bit jealous.