Monday, January 28, 2013

TTM: Jean Beliveau

Sent: 11/12/12

Received:  1/28/13

Wow, Just wow, I really did not think I would get this back or that it would of taken at least over a year seeing some long returns not 2 months.

Anyways this is a HUGE return from a Montreal Canadiens Legend.

Jean Beliveau has the record for wining the most Stanley Cups, 10 times as a player and 7 others as a team executive. No stranger to hardware he has won the Art Ross (1956), The Hart Memorial Trophy (1956/1964), and the Conn Smythe Trophy (1965). He also has played in 14 All Star Games and has a few team records in his career, longest-serving captain in Canadiens history (tied with Saku Koivu) also second all-time in Canadiens history in points, assists and games played, third in goals.

So glad to get this in the mail today, even though I have bought a card of his before eBay that one may go to trade or sale. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

TTM: Ken Hodge

Sent: 1/3/13

Received:  1/25/13

A big return from a 3 time All Star and a 2 time Stanley Cup Champion. Hodge played with Hall of famers like Gerry Cheevers and the good ole number 4 Bobby Orr. Though before that he was a mediocre Chicago Blackhawk before joining to powerful star studded bruins with Fred Stanfield and Phil Esposito.

He also has a son who went on to carry the Hodge name in Boston hockey. Though it wasn't a Hall of Fame father-son duo like Bobby and Brett Hull being both legends of their time.

This makes it 37 out of 89 in the Fleer Greats signed set and still have many sent out already in the mail.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TTM: Jonathan Bernier

Sent: December 2011

Received: January 14, 2013

Drafted By LA Kings 1st Round (11th Overall)

The 3rd and final letter from Monday coming from a member of the 2012 Stanley Cup Team. He wasn't as productive as Mr. Quick but he's still a heck of a goal and I enjoy having an auto from him i my collection.

This return knocks of 2 sets

2007-08 BTP
2011 All Goalies

The only disappointment is that I wish they were full autographs instead of it looking like the pen drying out. But Still a GREAT Mailda and I did not notice this till now but he put the right number on the right card wow. Not many players do that these days.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TTM: Curtis MElhinney

Sent: 12/28/12

Received: 1/14/13

Drafted by Calgary 

Currently in Columbus' farm system with the Springfield Falcons. McElhinney has been on a couple teams in his young career.

From what it looks like his signature come out the best on the All Goalies Card. Though I do love the close up of his mask on the 2011 BTP card.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TTM: Mark Dekanich

Sent: 12/14/12

Received: 1/14/13

Drafted by Nashville Predators 5th round  2006 NHL Draft (146 overall)

Dekanich is still a young prospect currently playing for The St. Johns Ice Caps who are the farm to to the Winnipeg Jets. So if Ondrej Pavelec or Al Montoya go down with injury or get sick look for Dekanich to fill that spot. He has 1 NHL game experience with the Predators in 2011where he played 50 minutes leting up 3 goals and making 22 saves earning him a card in the All Goalies Set.  

The cards were set to the St. Johns Ice Caps. I do have 2 more posts since yesterday I received 3 letters.

I feel like I need to prep the Between the Pipes cards since the autographs have not been staying well compared to the All Goalies signatures.

Friday, January 11, 2013

TTM: Peter Stastny

Sent: 11/8/12

Returned: 1/10/13

A nice return from a former legend.

I actually don't much about Peter like I do about his son Paul of the Colorado Avalanche. But Peter spent most of his career with Colorado's first team the Quebec Nordiques.

This is another card that adds to the Fleer Greats of the game set totaling 36 out of 89.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Organizing the sets

Since there was no mail for 2 day I thought I would post about what is given my TTM problems

Recently I realize I have a lot of card sets that I want to send out and get signed eventually completing them unless the include deceased players. You may see some of these sets on JonWayne's Autographs

1. 2001 Fleer Greats of the game: I have a pretty good dent in this set with 35 out of 89 signed even with 2 deceased players. But I will be seeing Tony Esposito, Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull in February so that will add 3 more plus the cards I currently have 13 cards in the mail from this set. Mario Lemieux is still my White Whale for the set.

2. 2011 Panini All Goalies: Now that the NHL is back in swing and the lockout is over it will be a bit easy to send in some more cards from this set.

Both of those have the simple white background behind the player pictures that make the signatures perfect to stick out.

Between the Pipes: I have 4 years of this set in a BIG Binder. The years I have are: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2011-12. So there a ton of goalies to send out. I do not have the 2010-11 set because I do not really like the design of the future or current stars. But it is cool to have cards of the current stars in the future stars set like Carey Price, Halak, Hiller, Howard, Crawford, etc. Though In the Game made random sets that would be too much work to get signed. In the Game needs their NHL license back because it's cool seeing action shots of future goalies. I don't mind mask shots and closest but that is what Maksed Men is for to show goalie masks.

1. 2007-08: I'll start with this year becuse it is the first set I bought a box of and I have made the most progress on. I may have cheated a little bit though because I found a bunch at a card store near me.
Future Stars: 42/60, Stars of the Game 2/14,  Greats of the Game: 4/15=  43/98. 4 Sticker Auto's

2. 2006-07: My 3rd favorite design but I still have good progress on it. It is a 150 card set.

 Future Stars: 10/55, Stars of the Game: 0/22,  Greats: 4/27  (Best greats of the game design). They included inserts like: First round picks (goalies picked in the 1st round of the draft), Team Canada (goalies who have played for Canada in the Olympics and World Juniors), Immortals (Deceased players), Tandems, and Record Holders (which needs to be updated since Roy and Sawchuck do not own the most wins or shutouts in a career any more. That goes to Marty Brodeur)

3. 2009-10: This is a Huge 200 card base set that will be hard to complete but I really like the Future Stars and the Stars of the game designs. It wouldbe better if the Greats of the game had a lighter color to show autographs better. I will give them credit throwing some female goalies in the set and making the Immortals set actually look cool giving them a hanging in the rafters affect. Gump Worlsey joined the immortals that year after passing in 2007 but they actually have made a sticker autograph for him that year so that is pretty cool.

Futue Stars:4/86, Stars: 0, Greats: 2/43 

4. 2011-12: I was hoping to get a good start on this but JonWayne has already jumped a head of me. I thought this was going to be easier since they are more recent and can find the players. The circular design is the same in the 3 sets. I really thought that they should of stuck to Greats of the game with this set instead of going to decades and showing less of the goalies head shot. But I will give them props for the Stars 7 Stripes and La Belle Providence(goalies from Quebec) designs. I did buy this box online first before buying the complete set. I was a bit upset I did not get any major hits like the one's seen online but I beat the odds and pulled 3 auto's which was 1:8 packs with 18 packs per box

Future Stars: 4/63 Stars: 0, Decades: 2/51

2008-09: Not the best set but I mainly got them since the future stars design has the best look. A futuristic design with every card being a different color to match the goalies team colors though it was a nice suprise to find superstar Jonathan Quick in the set. The current stars have 13 cards and the greats which include deceased goalies have 18. But they also brought back the rival league from 2008 with a 9 card set.

But within these next 2 weeks a ton of cards will be sent out for these sets.

Monday, January 7, 2013

TTM: John Bucyk

Sent: 12/8/12

Returned:  1/7/12

(So I found a way to scan on another scanner at home and bring my computer home)

Bucyk wasn't a huge name or player in the old days but he was good enough to join the ranks of legends in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  He was a solid however skilled left winger who was (at 6′, 215 lb) the largest of his day. While he never was regarded as the best at his position (being a contemporary of superstars Bobby Hull and Frank Mahovlich), he had a long and stellar career, and retired as the fourth leading point scorer of all time and having played the third most games in history. Despite his reputation for devastating hip checks, he was a notably clean player who won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy for sportsmanship in 1971 and 1974. Then elected to the class of 1981 Hall of Fame.

That's pretty good for a guy who came from a poor family