Saturday, March 30, 2013

eBay: Between the Pipes Autographs

Well I haven't posted anything in a week or so and didn't recieve any ttm's this past week I though I did receive some autographs for my Betweeen the Pipes project. I actaully enjoy collecting the set and finding signed base cards, some are findable through ttm others like these come from either players in Europe or players who just didn't make it and retired from the game.

First 2 auto's from 2006-07 Between the Pipes set, (13/55 prospects signed) (23 out of 104 total signed but out of a possible 102. (Stefan Liv and Gump Worsley both have passed away.)

First is from Brent Krahn, a goalie who did see much NHL after being drafted by the Calgary Flames in 2000. I am considering him as a bust being drafted 9th overall and then being later sent to the Dallas Stars organization only to stay in the AHL and see no NHL time. 

Next is Brian Finley, who is another player who had trouble seeing success after being drafted by the Nashville Predators 6th overall in the 1999 NHL Draft. So this is another case of a high prospect that never came through as speculated, it's too bad because another player in the set is Pekka Rinne and he is HUGE for the Preds, but Finley actually got to see some NHL time with 2 games in Nashville (in 2002,2006) and then 2 games with the Boston Bruins (in 2007) but then decided to retire after falling to a group 6 free agent.

Now on to a more accomplished set, which has 40 out of 60 prospects signed and 46 out 100 in the set but out of a possible 98 (Terry Sawchuk and Gump Worsley have both passed)

First up is Tomas Popperle, Drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2005 in the 5th round (/. Luckily he didn't have much hype like current Blue Jackets goaltender Steve Mason (drafted in 2006 3rd round 69th overall/ rookie of the year) so he did have to come out to be a great goalie. But Popperle made his way into 2 games during the 2006-07 season playing 45 minutes and registering 1 Goal against. The next season he would stay with Syracuse (as pictured) until 2009 when he would be send down to Europe where he still plays today for Prague Lev of the KHL.

Next is the forgotten and unknown Parise, Son of JP and brother of Zach, Jordan plays a different position but still won't amount to his star younger brother Zach in Minnesota. He did accomplish something as he became North Dakota's All Time leader in Goals Against Average (2.14) and that was enough to impress the NHL scouts to get him signed to a contract in 2006 with coincidentally the New Jersey Devils. But from 2006-08 he would stay with the Lowell Devils in the AHL with Stephen Gionta and Mike Pandolfo while all 3 of them have brothers who were on the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. Parise is still playing hockey today in Italy with HC Valpellice.

I enjoy having these cards in my collection and look forward to more of these autographs whether they be from letters sent in the mail (TTM) or by ebay these are a lot cooler than the certified sticker autographs. But hey if anybody has any signed cards based or certified stickers hit me up with offer because I woul be down to any deal on these exquisite hockey cards.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

TTM: Rejean "Reggie" Lemelin

Sent: 3/11/13

Received: 3/23/13

Another return for a 2nd day in a row.

Drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 7th Round, 125th overall, 1974 NHL Amateur Draft.

 Starting with the Atlanta Flames 1978-79 season and would carry over with the franchise move to Calgary where he had great success split goaltending duties with Pat Riggin and then Don Edwards, earning the starting job in 1983 and 1984.Then playing in the 1984 Canadian Cup. He stayed with the Flames up until star goalie Mike Vernon joined the Flames and Lemelin would lose the starting role.

Joining the Boston Bruins would also be a success when he teamed with Andy Moog and won the William M. Jennings Trophy in the 1989–90 season. Not seeing much success after that he finally retired in 1992 but had pretty good career totaling 507 games. 13 years later he was called in to be the Goalie coached for the Philadelphia Flyers until 2009 when Jeff Reese took over.

Friday, March 22, 2013

TTM: Dan Bouchard

Sent: 1/28/13

Received: 3/22/13

(I just returned form Phoenix, Arizona this past week so that's why nothing was posted)

Now coaching Life University hockey team in Atlanta, Georgia. Bouchard started out by being drafted in 1970 by the Boston Bruins and later being clamed by the Atlanta Flames in the 1972 expansion Draft. Playing in Atlanta for 8 seasons and staying in the Flames organization when they moved to Calgary in 1980. Midway through the 1980-81 season he was traded to the Quebec Nordiques which would later help as he lead the Nordiques to the playoffs for their first NHL playoffs and the season after that helped them to the Wales Conference game against the New York Islanders.
But he still had enough power left in him to play through the 1985-86 season after being traded to the Winnipeg Jets but that would only last 1 season after Winnipeg lost in the opening round to the Calgary Flames and he would leave the NHL after that.

This is my first autograph from a former Atlanta Flames player and I missed send a card of his from the 2011-12 set from the La Belle Providence insert. But is still nice to add 3 cards to the overall Between the Pipes set. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pre Product Review: 2012-13 Between the Pipes

So it comes that time of when "In The Game" has deiced to add to their products. This would be the 8th installment of their Between the Pipes series. Knowing me being a goalie fan and having collected the past few years sets has been pretty fun especially getting base cards signed and adding to the value of the cards. Especially when on card beats sticker autographs.

So I will probably will collect a box and maybe go for the base set on eBay if I don't collect them all. Eventually continuing the tradition of ttm's with the base cards(


The drawings on the Masked men look cool and have potential. 
I love eddy the Eagle and his Hawks mask. Classic


It looks like they are going to keep the decades theme when I thought greats of the game was as better insert set.

I was hoping the auto's would be vertical like hero's and prospects this year. But in the past, like 2007 and 2008, they used different pictures and card design for the Auto's.
Cory Schneider 2008 Base and Auto. 2 cool different designs

So this should be a fun set to collect and make a review for once I open a box.

Look for Between the Pipes out April 18th

P.S IF In The Game is Reading this I'd Love a free box to Review. I am a Huge Between the Pipes collector

Thank you

Sunday, March 10, 2013

TTM: Darryl Sittler

Sent: 11/9/12

Received: 3/9/13

Darryl Sittler, not a HUGE NHL name but he was able to accomplish a feat that still has yet to be broken and also made the Hall of Fame in 1989. "Most points in 1 Game" is a title Mr. Sittler holds with 10 points total (six goals, four assists).  Last year Sam Ganger came close as he scored 8 points in a 8-4 Victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. I remember watching this game as a Blackhawks fan and let me say it was a very tough game to watch.  But now I am completely happy with this autograph from a Hall of Famer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

TTM: Denis DeJordy

Sent: 2/19/13 (sent out the same day as Hayward)

Received: 3/8/13

A pretty big return as DeJordy was a Blackhawks goalie (Favorite team & favorite position) and was super happy to knock off 2 Between the pipes cards and 1 Blackhawks tall boy of the 2 sets. Denis has super nice penmanship like most players back in the day signed their whole name insead of loop de loops scribbles. But on to his career,

Denis DeJordy spent most of his time with the hawks backing up the legendary Iron man "Mr. Goalie" Glen Hall. After his time with the Hawks he spent 3 seasons in LA with the Kings, 1 season in Montreal, and 1 fin season with Detroit to finish his career in 1974.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

TTM: Brian Hayward

Sent: 2/19/13

 Return: 3/1/13 (Pretty fast as it was the most recent send out)

Brian Hayward was undrafted free Agent  originally signed by the Winnipeg Jets in 1982. But he has played for other teams in his career like: Montreal Canadiens, Minnesota (North Stars), and the San Jose Sharks. I did not follow hockey back in the early 90's (being born in 92) but the 2 things I remember hearing and seeing during his career is that he had one of the coolest masks during his time with the San Jose Sharks and he was on a pretty good Canadiens team that had a young Patrick Roy as his goalie partner (in which won three William M. Jennings Trophies in the 1980's) Nowadays, Hayward is a color analyst for the Anaheim Ducks games.

I sent these 2 cards to Anaheim, in which he signed a Upper Deck card from their inaugural season and a 2006-07 Between the Pipes Greats card (Really cool insert that I am trying fill the set signed)