Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blackhawks Book: Part 4

Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile but I had a busy school year and been busy with  work and shoveling most of this winter break. BUT your wait has been worth it because this will be a huge post.
Bill White: White spent 10 season in the NHL playing with the Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings. In a total 604 NHL games played White tallied 265 points (50 Goals, 215 Assists). So he wasn't much of a goal scorer as another setup man. Which is still a very important role. 

Denis Savard: There is a lot that can be said about Denis Savard as he was a very good player back in the day. He wasn't the greatest Blackhawks player but #3 All-Time for the Franchise.
29th All-Time in points is not to shabby either plus being inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2000. 

Jack O'Callahan: Jack O'Callahan did not have a Huge NHL career but he will be mostly known for playing in the 1980 Olympics for the USA "Miracle on Ice" team that did the unthinkable and beat the Soviet Union. 

Jerry "King" Korab: Korab had a long NHL career lasting a total 17 seasons in the NHL. Having stints with Chicago, Buffalo, Vancouver, and the Los Angeles Kings. Over the 975 games he played, Korab racked up 455 Points (114 Goals, 341 Assists). Jerry seemed more like a penalty man spending 1,629 minutes in the sin bin.

Pat "Whitey" Stapleton: This is another autograph from a player to goes way back to the Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita days of Blackhawks Hockey. Over Stapleton's profesional career he amounted 337 points (43 Goals, 249 Assists) in 635 games, and doing it all with the Blackhawks. So he wasn't much of a goal scorer but a setup man to guys like Bobby and Stan.
Pierre Pilote: Pierre Pilote is a man who was very underrated in my opinion because you don't here that much about his career here in Chicago like you do with Hull and Mikita. Pilote may have been the Blackhawks GREATEST defensemen winning a Stanley Cup and 3 Norris Trophies earning his number 3 to hang in the rafters. Mush March and Chris Chelios are 2 players you could are who were also good.

Reg Kerr: Reg Kerr played 4 years in the NHL tallying a total of 160 points (66 Goals, 94 Assists) in 263 games.  

I am now at 16 and midway through this season so far, so that is not bad. There are at least 11/12 signers that are coming to the Blackhawks games that I could finish this season with a solid 28 Autographs in the book. Which would be a HUGE outstanding accomplishment. 

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