Friday, January 17, 2014

Blackhawks Season Ticket Party (ALL Typos Fixed)

Every year for the past 5 years (except last year's lockout) the Chicago Blackhawks have hosted a Party for their Season Ticket holders at Navy Pier.
So this year's dates were on January 7th & 8th, I went on the 7th

The first player I went up to was backup goaltender Antti Raanta, and I have to say he is a pretty nice guy. I first saw Raanta earlier this year at the Training Camp but I had nothing for him to sign because there were no good photos at all of him. But I finally found a very cool photo of him and he actually thought it was a pretty cool photo too. I even got to take a photo with him. It's amazing how he started in Rockford this season and already showed that he is a solid goalie capable of being a starter especially when Crawford went down to injury for 10 games.
The man behind the mask

The next player I got to meet was Andrew "Scars" Shaw. I have always liked the way Shaw plays with grit and toughness. When he got hit in the face during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals that just made me like him even more. The photos that I had him signed were cool  Stanley Cup photos. 

3rd Person I met was Thor himself (Michael Kostka). Kostka's play doesn't stick out because he is not a major player and is sometimes scratched but when he plays he is really not that bad.

4th player to meet was Niklas Hjalmarrsson. His line was a decent size but still a quick wait. The photo I found online with all the Swedish players from last years team is pretty cool. I will have to find Kruger and Oduya this year and eventually find Victor Stalberg with Nashville.

Last but NOT least was former and current Blackhawk Micheal Handzus. I had a bunch of cards of him to choose from but it was better fitting to pick a Blackhawks card with him in the Blackhawks sweater, and even though it is from his 1st 8 games in several yearrs and there are really no curent cards of him in a Blackhawks sweater.
LOOK at that FLOW!

So in the end I did pretty well meeting and getting autographs from most of the players there just missing out on Toews, Hossa and Versteeg. Toews and Hossa obviously had massive lines that I would have wasted time in.

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