Saturday, March 29, 2014

60 years of Blackhawks: 10 Additions

Sorry about not posting in awhile but I have been quite busy and nothing has really happen to me in the Card collecting hobby. I've written some ttm's here and there but have not received any of those back yet. I'll try to post more things in the upcoming weeks and try to keep this blog active.

But anyway onto the post, so I have mentioned before that me and my parents go to a lot of Chicago Blackhawks games and at the games the Blackhawks have alumni players signing autographs. 

Bill Gardner: I don't know much about Barber's playing career but I do know that he was an announcer with Pat Foley in Chicago with the Wolves and MAYBE the Blackhawks. 

Darcy Rota

Denis Cyr:

Greg Fox

John Marks

Mark Lavarre: Lavaree played only 2 games but I know his brother DJ who coaches Winnteka hockey along with Loyola High School Hockey. This autograph doesn't mean much to value but it still helps the total autographs in the book.

Steve Larmer: A Blackhawks legend that is still severely underrated. To appreciate what Larmer did as a player the Blackhawks need to take the number 28 off Ben Smith and throw it in the rafters.  

Tom Lysiak
Tony Esposito: This has been my favorite autograph in the book so far. Besides Tony being a goaltending Legend this autograph has a cool story. (Will tell later)

Troy Murray: Currently does the play by play with John Wiedman on WGN Radio. Murray was a pretty good player back in the day and you don't here much about it. 

These autographs put me at 26 total and with 3 players left will put me at 29 total for the regular season. My goal is to get Mikita and Hull to finish off the Hall of Fame Legends.