Sunday, November 9, 2014

TTM: Tomas Holmstrom

Sent: 6/30/14

Received: 11/3/14 (3/3)

First off, if I’m not really posting much like I use to, it is because the mail has been slow. But, I have definitely changed and have written a good amount of letter this season and will post when I get a letter back.

 It was hard to like Holmstrom back in the day because he was a rival Red Wing to my Chicago Blackhawks, but he was very good at his position and was a threat blocking the opposing goaltender with his big size. Players today like Chicago’s Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell are the go to players who fill this position on the Blackhawks.

Holmstrom signed all 3 cards that I sent, and the SP Authentic base seriously makes a really good set for signing. Though the Dual card I sent has to be the Coolest one, it doesn't look good scanned though.